We help you increase your profit and viability by implementing great bookkeeping services and solid money guidance strategies, so that you reap the powerful results and feel safe about the past, present, and future of your business.

Your information is never shared!

We're here to help YOU. Our specialty is in understanding the ebbs and flows of the businesses of consultants. We will work with you to develop a sound financial road map to keep you feeling safe with your varied financial flow, and we will guide you to get you where you want to be.

We help you joyfully embrace your vision by reducing your stress, creating awareness around your financial flow, and increasing your viability. We derive so much joy and pleasure from those who serve others. Truly, it’s helped us find peace and comfort during difficult times (and wonderful times). We want to give back to you, who are a part of these communities, by supporting you on the bookkeeping and financial side of your business.

Free up some of your bandwidth by letting us handle the nitty-gritty bookkeeping tasks, keep you in the loop on important issues affecting your business, and increase your accountability through our great bookkeeping services. Plus we will work directly with your tax preparation person to ensure your bookkeeping is ready for tax time while keeping more money in your business. All of this in a timely and joyful manner!

How will you benefit from our services? You will feel confident and safe that your bookkeeping is being accurately handled. Your data will hold water, and you will be able to maximize your deductions. You will have clear and timely communications from us. We will walk through your financial information together, which will provide you with deeper insights about how your business is performing and where improvements might be needed. You will have a partner who wants to see you flourish and thrive.

Your information is never shared!

Testimonial: As a busy solopreneur with a creative mind, I’ve never been the ideal person to keep my finances organized. Finding Sofi was a godsend. I feel like with her there to backstop my bookkeeping I can focus more on the stuff that I do best. She goes out of her way make sure I understand what’s going on and how I’ll ultimately be able to use my accounting as a decision making tool. Looking forward to a more organized, more FAB future with Sofi on my team. - Michael Cavotta at Headspace

All bookkeeping services are tax deductible.

As each business has unique needs, we custom create bookkeeping services that fit the needs of your business.