Money Guide Program

As your money guide, we help you close the gap between your financial vision and current reality, so that you achieve peace of mind and confidence in your spending choices.

Credit card and student loan debt weigh people down, starting when they turn 18 and sometimes even earlier. Add a society that promotes buying stuff, the fear of missing out, and this quickly escalates into a never ending spending spiral that seems impossible to gain mastery over. No wonder finances are the biggest factor for relationship problems and stress in our lives.

As your money guide, we will walk you through a 90 day program that teach you the skills needed to start gaining mastery over your money. It's never too late to start taking the steps forward.

Have you ever wondered where all of your money went? Why there never seems to be enough money? Do you often tell others that you can't afford to go on a vacation or do some cool thing you'd really like to do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you.

The Money Guides program is personalized and customized to your life and money situation. It is way more than simply creating a budget. We delve deep into gaining an understanding of what is driving your spending habits, finding solid ground for why you are wanting to turn around your spending, and get you moving forward toward your dreams - closing the gap between your vision and your current reality. We will be with you every step of the way.

Sofi has done a phenomenal job of teaching how to build a budget, process changes, and organize my finances. Their continuous support has boosted my confidence in keeping with the goals I have set for myself. I highly recommend them for their Money Guide Program and bookkeeping needs. ~Heather Shannon

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